Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Now?

When I was in high school ( several, several years ago!!) every year at yearbook picture time, I would get fever blisters. It only happened once a year, but it was always there for pictures. Not sure what caused them at that particular time, but it never failed. When I look back at those yearbooks, I just cringe. There is nothing pretty about fever blisters.

So, after figuring out that stress, sun and eating too many acid-y foods and/or nuts can cause me to break out with fever blisters, I thought I had gotten these things under control. I don't get them that often, but when my immune system is compromised or I am under a lot of stress, I will get a fever blister.

Why, after all of my stress has calmed down, do I now get not only one fever blister, but THREE!!!! These things are so painful. They are so ugly. I expected to get one when Brian was in the hospital or right after we got home. It's been 8 weeks since his accident. Makes no sense to me! UGH!

We had the baby yesterday and I can't kiss her. I did wash my hands so much yesterday. I would feel so bad if it spread to the baby. I have been fortunate enough that only one of my kids get them.

I am using chammomile oil, tea tree oil and lysine to try and get them under control. I've found that this will speed up the healing process.

Do you have any special tips for healing fever blisters or cold sores?


  1. Hey Dana! Are you taking lysine or applying it? Lysine is good but you should try to avoid the intake of Arginine. Avoid: nuts,bacon,and chocolate (I'm dying inside telling you to avoid chocolate!). Foods high in lysine: most veggies, legumes, milk, fish, and poultry.
    Hope that helps a little. I'll keep checking your site- I'm always looking for motivation to get in better shape! :)

  2. I use good ol' Carmex at the very first telltale tingling sign. I slather it all over and DO NOT TOUCH.

    Thanks so much for swinging by my blog on my Sits Day:-)

  3. Ouch! Sorry you've got a flair up. It's been a while since you've had one. I know what you mean about wanting to kiss Madelyn, their little heads are always right there next to you chin, and you automatically want to just plant a little kiss on their soft head. Hopefully they will go away quickly.

  4. Ugh no tips but I can sympathize with you...carmex is what I use. Ugh!!

  5. Fever blisters I use what you use. For Cold Sores I use baking soda on the site. Hope those buggars go away. I had 3 this summer on my lip and now I have a scar (the skin kept cracking as it was trying to heal). :(


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