Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My new blog design and a GIVEAWAY!!

I am so excited for the new design of my blog! It is so fun and full of energy, just like me :)

Jessica at This That and Your Blog did an amazing job! Thank you so much Jessica!!!! Be sure to stop by her blog and show her some love and if you are in need of a re-design you can NOT go wrong with her!

In honor of the new blog, I am hosting a giveaway! This is going to be so much fun!!!

I am giving away a copy of thenew Beachbody Shakeology workouts! These are great workouts and I know that you will love them and get great results from them!!

The Workouts

This set of 2 DVDs contains a 30-minute workout sequence and a 50-minute workout sequence. While you're first starting out, we recommend you do the 30-minute workout three times a week. Then rotate in the 50-minute workout once a week. Go at your own pace, but kick it up a notch as soon as you're ready to, and don't be afraid to push yourself. Soon, you'll notice more muscle tone and fewer food cravings. Before you know it, you'll have enough strength and energy to tackle The 50 three times a week.

The 30

The 30 is a classic workout. It's a balanced combination of cardiovascular intervals—to burn calories—and time-tested strength moves that will tone your muscles and build your metabolism.

The 50

Your body will continue to progress on its path toward total wellness with The 50. As your body becomes stronger and more efficient, The 50 will accelerate your progress—your strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility—in an easy-to-follow format.

I'm going to give you several chances to win!

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite workout
  • Follow my blog ( if you already do, just leave me a post)
  • Sign up to be my free customer at missourifitclub (if you already are, just leave a post)

So, 3 ways to win, be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry! The winning comment will be chosen on Sept. 15!

This giveaway is not sponsored by Beachbody, I am sponsoring this one as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach! Beachbody coaches are not eligible to win, sorry!!


  1. Dana - Love the new blog-site. Very bright and colorful. Hope you get lots of followers. You are doing a good thing reaching out to people about their health and fitness.

  2. Cute new blog layout! Yay... I'll be back to comment again since I"m a follower! (-:


  3. Always looking for a workout that I can stick with. Have used Biggest Loser and Leslie Sansone but have a hard time getting into a ritual of doing either one of them.

  4. Love the new layout! Your right, it certainly suits you!

    I'm already a follower of yours and check in regularly.

  5. Oh, I'm always on the lookout for new workouts. And funny thing, I "follow" your blog but I'm not a "follower". Guess I'm off to become one.

  6. lol mommy brain, guess I was a follower after all. Oh well.

    The new layout looks great btw. Bright and fun

  7. My favorite workout is any kind of boot camp type...I like people to push me!

  8. Oooo I like it!! Very nice!! I follow, love your blog...just started coming here last week. I am going right now to sign up for the third on your list.

    Oooo and my favorite work out is cardio kickboxing.

  9. Love your new blog design. I also love reading about your triumphs, struggles, accomplishments and encouragement. And I can't forget about those really great recipes you post. You are truly inspirational. As far as my favorite workout - that's a tough one. I love Shaun T's workouts a lot, and YBB - I guess I tend to gravitate towards the dance-type of workouts. I definitely like ChaLEAN Extreme. I also love to bike and walk.

  10. Oops! Anonymous is me. I forgot to include my name. Where is my head at?

  11. Just stopping by from SITS! FABULOUS blog! You are sooo motivating! I'm now a follower!
    Come by and check out my "5 DAYS OF GIVE-A-WAYS" @

  12. I'm a runner and I love Pilates and Zumba! It has to be high energy for me! I would love to win these videos!

  13. Very nice!
    I'm always looking for a new workout. I'd love to win!

  14. I'm in. Your blog looks fabulous.

    Over from SITS.

  15. my favorite workout is probably my dance class - although it is not a huge workout

  16. I'd love a new workout :) I just started working out more consistently with the 30 Day Shred, and I'm enjoying it.

    Visiting from SITS! Your blog layout is great!

  17. Dana - This is my first visit; found you on facebook. Over the last year & a half I have lost about 35 lbs. My goal is to be in the the best shape ever by the time I turn 50; January 2010. I do a run/walk on the treadmill 5 to 7 days a week and I've been doing a situp workout trying to control my gut. Since losing the weight the muscles and SKIN are not snapping back in shape. Any ideas would be helpful. Debbie

  18. Hey Debbie! I'm so glad that you found me!


    You should probably add in some weight training. It will make a HUGE difference. The cardio is great, just lift weights a few days a week.

    I'm happy to help you reach your goal. Feel free to email me at and I'll give you more detailed info!!

  19. Great blog Dana. Turbo Jam 3T is my favorite workout. Been slacking since I started school. Motivate me again girl.

  20. Honestly, my favorite workout lately is just running. It makes me feel great and gives me time alone to process that day's events and think about anything I want to. When I belonged to a gym I loved step aerobics despite being super clumsy. Okay, last but not least I think I would love yoga but have only done it once or twice. Thanks for the chance!

    makinglemonadeblog at gmail dot com

  21. Very Cute Blog. I currently love Zumba! I take classes at the local YMCA!

  22. Dana, I have a Stevia cookbook that also has great recipes. I've used Stevia for a few years now. You are the one that told me about it back then. I think I'll try the creme soda today. Carter loves creme soda.


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