Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Save M Olives!

Recently I was driving with my 13 year old niece, Julie. We were coming home from the hospital and she was keeping me company on the drive. We were chatting and enjoying each other's company (at least I was, she was tolerating it LOL!). There was a sign on the side of the road - you know the kind the road dept puts up alerting drivers to road construction. It was telling us that I was going to have merge ahead due to a lane being closed. At the bottom it said savemolives. I thought about it for a while and couldn't figure out why the state was concerned about olives.... I drove on for a few more miles and finally couldn't take it any longer when we saw a second sign just like the first one. I said to Julie, why do we need to save the olives? She looked at me, looked at the sign and said - it's save MO lives. you know Missouri lives - it's a reminder to wear your seat belt and drive safely. I think she thought I was the strangest person on the face of the earth! I felt really stupid after that, but chalked it up to one of my blonde moments.

Now, anytime we get in the car, I remind everyone to save m olives and get buckled up.


  1. Classic story! Love it - same m olives!

  2. Oh Dana, you know how to make me laugh. Love it.

  3. LOL, sounds like something I'd say and I'm not even blonde....anymore that is.

  4. hehehe Love your story! I would have made the same mistake. And it's not your fault, it's MO vanity--they should have said save lives, because what about all the out-of-state drivers? Their lives don't count? But no, they just had to get a little free advertising in there. So don't worry any MO about it! By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on my cream puffs. And I appreciate all the healthy food you're highlighting!

  5. Naturally Jules - thanks for stopping by, you know how I am sometimes....

    Jules - It's funny. At times I have my moments. DUH.

    My Big Fat Blog - I'm not really blonde anymore either. Might have to fix that.....

    Crystalin, you are funny. I guess MO doesn't really care about the other people driving on their roads. LOL!!

  6. You have a really cute blog! I found you via Too Many Heartbeats...


    PS: I'll be back later to check out your super cool blog! I love being fit!

  7. Haha! That's pretty funny. Yeah, it's weird when they smach all the words together. So a fellow Missourian, huh?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Great story. It would have completely confused me as well.
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  9. Cute! You are an inspiration....I need to find another personal trainer to get back on track.


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