Monday, July 13, 2009

Insanity and other exciting Beachbody News!

Insanity is now available for purchase! I'm so excited for this workout. I truly must be insane to be this excited about torturing myself! A month or so ago, we got a preview of this workout - Plyo Cardio. Dawn, Chrissy and I were excited, put it in and got after it. Not long after we started, we were sucking in the air, complaining about how hard it was and shortly after that we were on the floor wondering if we were going to be able to finish - (we weren't LOL!!). The next day I could barely walk. So, as soon as it was announced that the program was available for purchase, I ordered it. It's now a challenge to me to be able to get through the 60 day program. This is NOT a program for beginners.

If you are looking for a good workout for beginners, check out the new Shakeology workouts (30 min and 50 min)! These are perfect for beginning a workout program and getting started on your health journey!

Shakeology The Workouts $29.95
Follow Shakeology: The Workouts three times per week, replace one meal per day with Shakeology, and eat a balanced diet to lower cholesterol, lose weight, and shed inches. It’s that simple.

The Workouts

This set of 2 DVDs contains a 30-minute workout sequence and a 50-minute workout sequence. While you're first starting out, we recommend you do the 30-minute workout three times a week. Then rotate in the 50-minute workout once a week. Go at your own pace, but kick it up a notch as soon as you're ready to, and don't be afraid to push yourself. Soon, you'll notice more muscle tone and fewer food cravings. Before you know it, you'll have enough strength and energy to tackle The 50 three times a week.
The 30
The 30 is a classic workout. It's a balanced combination of cardiovascular intervals—to burn calories—and time-tested strength moves that will tone your muscles and build your metabolism.

The 50

Your body will continue to progress on its path toward total wellness with The 50. As your body becomes stronger and more efficient, The 50 will accelerate your progress—your strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility—in an easy-to-follow format.

The exciting news about these workouts, if you order Shakeology on home direct, you get free shipping/handling for life and you get the 2 Shakeology workouts for free!!

Other products available for free shipping/handling for life on home direct - P90X Results and Recovery drink and Shakeology Fiber Boost:

P90X Results and Recovery Formula Tub

Refuel, re-energize, and reduce muscle soreness with this after-workout shake. Four parts carbs to one part protein ensures speedy muscle repair after intense workouts!*

Recover faster and see better results!

This great-tasting shake is specially designed to provide the precise nutrients you need to recover quickly after intense workouts. P90X Results and Recovery Formula offers a unique mix of: Simple and complex carbohydrates for optimum glycogen replenishment

A high Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) blend to provide the critical building blocks for rapid muscle resynthesis

Vitamins, including antioxidants, to help reduce muscle soreness and assist in repair and growth

Studies show that with proper nutrition during the first hour following a workout you can increase your body's ability to recover more than 100%. The key component to maximizing this "window of opportunity" is a formulation of approximately 4 parts carbohydrates to 1 part protein.

P90X Results and Recovery Formula is a state-of-the-art, great tasting, body-shaping cocktail that's guaranteed to take your workouts to the next level.

Shakeology Boost: The Fiber

It’s easy to add more fiber to your diet with the first Shakeology Boost: The Fiber! This non-gritty, flavorless powder is easy to mix into your daily Shakeology shake or any other shake or drink. Choose the monthly Home Direct auto-ship program to get a 30-day supply of The Fiber delivered to your door with FREE SHIPPING every month.

Why Do I Need Fiber?

Fiber improves digestion, promotes regularity, and can even lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting the absorption of dietary cholesterol and other toxins into the bloodstream.* It also slows the absorption of glucose—thereby preventing sugar spikes—and makes you feel full faster and longer, so you eat less! Not getting enough fiber can lead to constipation, hemorrhoids, obesity, coronary heart disease, diabetes, gall stones, and possibly even colon cancer.

How Much Fiber Do I Need?

While there is no official Recommended Daily Allowance for fiber, the U.S. government has established Adequate Intake levels at 25 grams for women 18 to 50 years old (21g for women over 50) and 38 grams for men (30g for men over 50).

Most adults in the U.S. only get between 11 to 13 grams per day. That's definitely not enough. So, we created an easy way to boost your diet with what your body needs. Add a full scoop of The Fiber to Shakeology and get a total of 10 grams of fiber with each shake. Since every body is different, we recommend starting with a half scoop and building your way up to a full scoop. You can even mix The Fiber with any juice, shake, or drink of your choice without making it gritty in texture or affecting the flavor. And since it contains FOS, a natural prebiotic sweetener, it will add a hint of sweetness to any drink.

What Makes The Fiber Better Than Other Fiber Products on the Market?

Unlike other store-bought fiber products, ours contains no additives, colors, or preservatives. Most store brands only have one source of fiber, but our unique formula is derived from 5 different sources of fiber, each with its own special set of benefits. Together they not only provide fiber for better digestion but have other health benefits, like prebiotic properties, aiding in weight management, and lowering cholesterol levels.* It also contains L-glutamine, an amino acid important for preventing muscle loss and boosting immunity from overtraining. Those who work out regularly can actually use an extra dose of it every day.

What's In It?

Inulin (from chicory root)
Increases calcium and magnesium absorption while promoting regularity.

Fructooligosaccharide (FOS)
A natural prebiotic sweetener that stimulates the supply of good bacteria in the intestinal tract, which helps increase overall digestive health.

Konjac fiber
Helps maintain weight and regularity.

Psyllium seed husk
Helps prevent dietary cholesterol from being absorbed by the liver and colon. It also helps curb your appetite.

Apple fiber
Helps eliminate toxins from the intestinal tract for better digestion.

Aids in eliminating toxins in your body and fuels muscles during longer workout sessions.
So, there are many ways to increase your health with all these new products and great offers for free shipping. Please feel free to place an order through me at or if you have questions you may email me at or leave a comment here. I will coach you to better health and fitness!!

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