Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting out of my comfort zone

Last night I finished a coaching and accountibility class with Dani Johnson. Dani Johnson is a self-made milliionaire and a phenomenal success coach! I spent the last 9 weeks in one of her small group classes and let me tell you, she has changed my life! I'm not joking. I have now been to her 1st Steps to success and Creating a Dynasty seminar and they were very good and life-changing, but this class made me get out of my comfort zone and really examine my life, values and work ethics. I turned off my TV, took a full day of rest each week, worked my business more efficiently and effectively and have developed a better relationship with my family and God. I started keeping a gratitude journal. I am keeping track of my phone calls for work. I talk and listen to my family and friends differently. It's amazing how much Dani has pulled out of me in such a short amount of time.

The gratitude journal and the rest day have really impacted me. I love being able to write down all that I am grateful for each day. It really does make one stop and think about everything that has happened. It's also good to see what all is good in your life. So many people today focus on the bad things in life. There are amazing things around us all every day and we are missing it because we are too stressed out or mad or sad. Start taking notice of all the good things in your life and see how much joy you can find! It can be as simple as a good parking spot at the grocery store to having your husband take you out for a nice dinner or as big as having a new friend in your life, or awaiting your first grandchild!!!

If you get a chance, check out She has the Spirit Driven Success and the Work at Home Profit Zone sections. They are both good! You won't regret it and I'd love to hear about what you are grateful for.

Today I am grateful for
1) my husband, Brian. He is my other half and makes me feel special all the time.

2) my family. Chase, Nick and Jake are such a huge part of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way and I can't think of a better daughter-in-law than Meredith.

3) my friends. I have the best friends in the world. They are always there for me whether it is for fun or to lend a shoulder to cry on.

4) my job. I LOVE my job. I am so thankful that I can work from home, be my own boss and make enough money at it to support myself.

So, that is just off the top of my head this afternoon. I have so many ways that I have been blessed. I have a roof over my head, a car that runs, a cool spot in the summer and a warm spot in the winter. We are fortunate enough to have the lakehouse for get-aways and I love to travel with Brian, no matter where we go!

I recommend that you start keeping a gratitude journal as well. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. I got a cute notebook from the store and keep my gratitude journal, my food diary, my workout log, my to-do list and a list of my calls for my job. One page per day is all it takes. It will change your attitude for sure!!