Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve!

Is Thanksgiving Eve a holiday? Not sure, but I am so excited today! My parents are coming to town to visit. I haven't seen them since late August and I miss them! I love it when they come to stay with us. The visits are usually fast and furious, they are as busy as we are. My dad is an auctioneer and mom is a realtor and they also own a meat fund-raising business. So, we don't get to see each other as often as I would like. Mom was able to come and spend some time with me and Brian when he was in the hospital and I was so grateful to her. It was nice for me to have someone to lean on as well! Then after Madelyn was born, they came to love on their new great-granddaughter. They are going to be so surprised to see her. She has changed so much and has such a cute little personality!

My grandma, June is also coming today. I don't see her much at all. She likes to stay home and we convinced her to come along. We really want to get some 5 generation pictures. It will be fun! I'll post them after this weekend. I have a funny story about June. When I went to college in Ada, OK, June was the dean of nursing at the school. She told me that she was not old enough to have a granddaughter in college and therefore I was not allowed to call her grandma. Every since then I have called her June. She still dyes her hair and doesn't act her age. No one is really sure exactly how old she is and she sure isn't going to set the record straight!
So today I am thankful that my parents and June are coming to visit. They should be here today around lunch time and I really need to get off this computer and get stuff done!!! There are pies to bake people!!!!
Lightlife sent me coupons for some great free food items and I just got around to finding the products. I had asked our local health food store about them, they said they didn't carry them, so I waited until I made a trip to Whole Foods. Come to find out, they do have some of the products. UGH!!!! I was able to get some yummy things and wanted to share them with you.

I made the Smart Tenders Savory Chicken into a pasta dish with peanut sauce. YUM! It got eaten before I could take a picture. But trust me, it was so tasty! Monday I made tempeh ruebens. I used to LOVE reubens. One of my favorite sandwiches. So, I was so excited when I found the tempeh and the recipe is from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan with a Vengance! Talk about yummy! It's not exactly corned beef, but the flavor is all there! I made my own french dressing and used a pumpernickel roll! Luckily, I snapped a photo for you to see the yummy goodness! The tempeh was very good and yesterday I ate the leftovers by themselves and enjoyed every last bite!

I plan to use the fakin' bacon this weekend and if it passes the test with my family, then we know it will be good. The BBQ tempehtations are amazing!!! Even Brian liked them. He's a die-hard BBQ fan.

Lightlife has some great recipes on their website. Be sure to check them out for a meatless option at your next meal! You won't even miss the meat, but you'll be doing your body a favor!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Hope you enjoy your time with your family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Dana!!!! My love to you and your entire family=)

  3. the turkey is taking for-ever!! Good time to get in some blog reading! Have a wonderful visit with your family. I love that your dad is an auctioneer. I am always amazed at how they can go on and on without missing a beat while I can barely get out a few sentences without stumbling over myself :D

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Dana, thanks for the recipes. With the soy products, do you know if they're made with fermented soy or unfermented? I didn't see any information on their website about it. Can't wait to try the tempeh. Thanks! ~valerie


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