Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spirit Sunday!

I like to take Sundays off. I don't like to do much work and just spend the time with my family and giving thanks for a great week and looking toward the week ahead! Today will not be one of those days :(. I have so much to get done and get ready for Thanksgiving.

I'm still working on the bedroom remodel, I have to get it finished by Wed morning. This is what it looks like in my dreams.

I need to get my bills paid. I don't hate that job, I'm so thankful that I have the money to pay the bills, but it just takes forever...

I need to get the last of the groceries purchased. I hate waiting until the last minute. That is when it is the most crowded.
And I need to finish cleaning the house, just ask Hermina and Jules about my great dusting abilities!!!!!

Monday I get to spend the day with my sweet baby Madelyn, so that day will be out, which means that I need to get a lot accomplished TODAY!

I really believe that you should keep a to-do list. I've shown you all my journal before, so you know that I like to keep a food journal, to-do list, Beachbody work list and my gratitude journal. Luckily, I can fit it all on one page in a cute notebook! In order to accomplish everything I want done, I must keep track of it all. I am known for shiny things catching my eye (facebook, blogging, books- the list goes on and on!!!) and I can be amazed how quickly time flies by without anything getting done. So, to stay focused this week I am going to get my to-do list done FIRST! Any bets on it happening that way??????


  1. Good luck! I am right there with you - going to be a BUSY week!

  2. Exactly why Turkey Day is my favorite holiday. No one here except immediate family. The girls and I spend the entire day-in PJs...

  3. hey there!
    I'm visiting from SITS.
    Madelyn is such a cutie! Those cheeks are asking to be pinched and kissed!

  4. Mighty - I'm plugging along. Hope your week is going good too!

    Melissa - sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving. Enjoy it!

    Alexandra - thanks for your kind words about Madelyn. We just kiss and love on her all the time, can't help it!!


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