Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Sheese!

When I decided to give up dairy in 2003, I was heartbroken over the fact that I couldn't have cheese anymore. I loved cheese. In everything. But, I forged ahead knowing that I had to give up dairy products in order to be healthy. I lost 10 lbs just by giving up dairy products. I also quit having sinus infections. There are so many reasons why we shouldn't be eating dairy, but that is for another post!

Since then I've tried a lot of the cheese alternatives. None of them have been a great replacement. Now, I have found Sheese! It is really good! That is saying a lot coming from me. It has good flavor, melts pretty good and comes in so many great flavors.

Sheese Smoked Cheddar is my absolute favorite! The taste is so good and I've used it in many recipes. I also liked the Gouda, Medium Cheddar and Blue Cheese and Cheddar with Chives. These are "hard" cheeses and are so easy to grate. I have used the Blue Cheese in a spinach salad that was amazing! The Medium Cheddar was good on taco night and also on nachos. The Cheddar with Chives is really good with crackers. The Smoked Cheddar was oh so good on veggie pizza and Gouda was great grated on top of a veggie stir-fry! Somehow, I have found a use for all of them!

The creamy Sheese are also really good! I loved using them as a dip for pretzels or veggies. The cheddar style had a good, tangy flavor and was one of my favorites. I really liked the Garlic and Herb Creamy Sheese. I'm going to make a hot dip for the family to try next week for Thanksgiving.

You can look for a store near you to purchase, if there isn't one near you, please print out the flyer from Sheese and take it to your local health food store. We need to get the product in the stores so we can purchase it! I'll be taking mine to both health food stores in my town next week! These products ARE that good!

There are some great sounding recipes on the website. Be sure to check those out and let me know if you give any a try that you love! I'll be posting some of my recipes as well.

There is nothing better than soup on these cold days. One of my favorites is potato soup! So easy to make and so tasty!

Creamy Potato Soup

3 medium sized potatoes - diced ( I usually leave the skin on, but you can peel them if you like)

1 small onion - chopped and diced

1 clove garlic - minced

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1 tbsp Earth Balance soy margarine

1 cup cashew or soy milk or mimic creme (YUM!)

Grated Sheese ( your choice of flavor) smoked cheddar is my fave!

Put potatoes, onions and garlic in saucepan and cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook until potatoes are done. Add in nutrtional yeast and milk of choice and earth balance. Let simmer for a few minutes and then add the grated Sheese on top and enjoy! You can use a potato smasher to mash the potatoes or eat it chunky! It's good both ways!

I don't usually follow a recipe when I make my soup, I "eyeball" it, so add or subtract the milk as needed.