Friday, August 14, 2009

Great new blog to check out!

Good Morning!

Brian and I are starting to get into a routine now that we are home. Things are settling down and we are ready for this long road to recovery!

I want you all to check out my good friend Sarah's new blog. She is an awesome mom and has 2 of the most adorable kids (next to the Moritz kids of course LOL)!! She is having a giveaway for a great product that I wish was around when my kids were little! This will be good for the new grandbaby that will be here in 13 days or less!!!! Can you tell that I am so excited to meet Madelyn???? I remember the game the kids used to play with dropping cups/bottles and watching mom and dad scramble around to pick them up. They loved it, we didn't!! The No Throw is a lifesaver :)

Stop by Sarah's blog and enter for your chance to win : Don't worry if you don't have kids, she also blogs about adult things too!!