Friday, June 12, 2009

Sharing the healthy lifestyle!

I love to share helathy things with anyone that will listen to me long enough! I am having a little party at my house tomorrow to show a few friends how to eat healthier and I get so excited for these things.

I have spent most of the day today cooking and preparing for the party. I did manage to get my workout in (Ab Ripper X and Legs and Back) and got a little bit of work done. Not enough, but it will be okay.

I've made fruit salsa, sangria, and the most delectable blisscuits! Oh my, these are tasty little things. They are little. This could be a problem. I begin to think that since they are little, I can eat more of them. I know that Brian will love these as well. I am probably going to have to hide these before he gets home or there won't be any for tomorrow!

We are going to make hummus and enjoy all this good food. Good food, good company and healthy to beat, can't get any better than that!

When we were in Memphis, we went to the farmer's market. They have a VERY nice farmer's market there. I picked up several things - amazing dark chocolate granola from Groovy Foods ( and some very good apple butter from Alcenia's ( Brian considers himself an apple butter expert and he loves this stuff. I got some really cute ladybug bowls. Handmade pottery that can be put in the dishwasher. YEAH!! I didn't pick up a card from the potter, so my apologies for not listing her website. These bowls are so nice.

I am taking a coaching and accountability class with Dani Johnson for 9 weeks. I am having to step out of my comfort zone here and it is pushing me. This is a good thing!! However, I have homework to do each week. It's been a long time since I've had homework. UGH! Atleast this is not as bad as algebra :) My point on this is that I need to practice on people. If you have time and would allow me to practice with you, please get in touch with me. I need to talk to 10 people each week. Some of my friends have stepped up and helped and I am soooo very appreciative to them for that. Preparation is key! Drop me a line at if you are available. It will take about 15 mins on the phone.

I'll post pictures from the party tomorrow. I can't wait to share all this fun with you!