Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Favorite Place to eat in Joplin!

Yesterday I went to my favorite hangout - Isadora's Wonderful Things in Joplin MO. I love going there, my friends are there, Michael and Bethany (the owners) are great friends as well and the food is just amazing! Don't let the fact that it is a vegetarian restaurant scare you away from trying it. There are all kinds of good food items on the menu. The place has a good vibe, you can't help but love the food and the people are all so nice. You can get to know the regulars pretty easy, just start talking and someone will have an opinion to share on the topic.

Bethany served Nori veggie rolls yesterday and they were delicious. They were so pretty that I had to take a picture and share it here with you all. I think it might be my all time favorite dish she has served. Hard to say that, there have been so many good ones.

Be sure to stop in and check it out - you won't be sorry and I know that you'll be thanking me for letting you know about it. The hours they are open are not set. If you are interested in eating there, send Bethany an email so you can be in the know to when she is open, wonderfulfoods@sbcglobal.net She'll get you on the mailing list and you can know the special of the day and the hours of operation:

This is one of Bethany's wonderful creations:
Pomegranate and Orange Dressing
Juice one Valencia orange.
Add an equivalent amount of good quality extra virgin olive oil.
Stir in a tiny bit of honey or agave nectar.
Mash a dozen or so pomegranate arils (the seeds) and add the pulp and juice to the dressing.
Whisk together and serve at room temp over greens with a few crushed pistachios. Yum.