Saturday, March 21, 2009

National Fitness Company needs Independent Sales Reps for P90X

BEACHBODY, a National brand, multi-million dollar TV fitness infomercial company is having explosive growth due to a brand new, innovative direct sales business model. They spend $90,000,000/year on broadcasting national infomercials and receive 20,000-30,000 new customers & business partners a week. They disperse them all to their reps as if you personally enrolled them! Meaning....they have solved the big problem with direct sales & constantly having to recruit!

Can you imagine the opportunity of having those customers & business partners completely given to you from whom you will earn commissions and lifelong residuals? Well, here it is, believe it or not. Meet minimal requirements and you are on your way to owning your future. No Catch, No Nonsense, No Gimmicks. Does P90X, Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs sound familiar? I thought so -total credibility.

Get in now - the earlier the better. Email me for immediate consideration for this ground floor entry opportunity. Listen to the audio presentation at and then email or call me. I'll instruct you on exactly what you need to do next.

You can also join directly at