Thursday, March 26, 2009

30 Day Shakeology Challenge!

I am going to start a 30 day Shakeology Challenge on April 1, 2009! Anyone want to join me?

We will enjoy our Shakeology every day for one meal, eat healthy sensible meals the other two meals of the day and workout at least 3 times per week. Just drop me a note at to join.

We will take our before and after pictures, weight and measurements. This way we can see the changes in our bodies. It is so much easier to see the changes in photos and measurements rather than the scale.
You can do Beachbody workouts such as P90X, Power 90, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs or Ten Minute Trainers just to name a few, or walk, jog, ride a bicycle. Any type of exercise will work.
We will log our workouts in WOWY, the online super gym. This is an added bonus, because you will have a chance to win money or cool prizes every day that you log your workout. Sign up for no cost at today so you will be ready on April 1.
I think you will be amazed at your results! Brian and I have been using Shakeology for a little over one week now. He has lost 2.5 lbs and I have so much energy!!!
Join me - you won't regret it!! What do you have to lose?