Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy, fun weekend!!

This weekend was a whirlwind! I had so many fun things to do!!

Saturday afternoon, I got together with friends and we made our own beauty and cleaning supplies! We used the recipes in the Gorgeously Green book by Sophie Uliano. If you don't have this book, I recommend it. So many great tips for living a greener life!!

Here is the salt scrub recipe:

Gorgeously Green Salt Rub

2 cups fine sea salt

4 cups apricot or almond oil

20 drops of your favorite essential oil ( lavender, geranium or orange or a mix of them all

Simply combine all of the ingredients in a glass jar and stir or shake to blend. Get in the shower, wet your skin and then scoop out a handful of the scrub. apply to your skin and rub and scrub from your neck to your toes.

We also made the Alpha Hydroxy Acid Mask, and the all purpose cleaner. We had so much fun and our hands were baby soft!!

Here we are after all the fun and good food!! Mango salsa was a big hit!!

After that, Brian and I headed out for the crawfish boil. We had a good time and loved listening to the band, Silverado. Of course, we had to go to Meredith's birthday party also and had a good time there as well.

Yesterday was Meredith's birthday and the family got together for a celebration. We had some good food, Mexican night and Meredith got some great gifts. So, we are tired today, but it is a good tired :)

Tonight is Fit Club Class. If you are interested in working out with us, email me for details at Starts at 5:30 and tonight is Turbo Jam - Lower Body Jam and Ab Jam. Good music, lots of fun and get a good sweat going as well!!

Hope that you can make it!!

I had to good fortune of meeting Chalene Johnson at the Beachbody Coaches Summit this month. I got to workout with her. She is so full of energy and such a nice person!