Sunday, October 9, 2011

A few of my favorite things.....

It's been a while since I've shared some of my favorite things.  So, I think it's high time to chat about them....

I can't do a blog post about my favorite things without mentioning my vita-mix.  I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I usually take it with me everywhere I go.  This weekend, we went to the lake and I didn't take it, I missed it.  My shakeology wasn't as good, my soup wasn't as good.  I'm spoiled and I know it!

I also love my fitbit.  I love that the website is free, I love that it clips to my bra and no one can see it do it's thing.  They have a new one out - the Fitbit Ultra.  The difference with the new one is that it will count your climb.  It has a clock on it too.  As cool as it sounds ( I am a gadget junkie), I will stick with my old one for now.  It is working fine and I don't NEED the extra stuff right now. Right?

I just got a clarisonic and am LOVING it!  It is taking my skin care routine to a new level. 

Speaking of skin care, I LOVE Nerium AD.    I am getting really great results with it.  Check it out for sure!  Lightening my age spots and wrinkles are disappearing!  YAY!

I got the new Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette and it is certainly one of my favorite things these days as well as Korres makeup.

My Brooks sneakers are a Godsend! My plantar fasciitis is doing so much better since I got them! If you are local, be sure to check out The Run Around for the best shoes and best service!

I've been drinking Coconut Water lately and it is helping me to stay hydrated and I'm enjoying it.  I picked up the Zico Chocolate flavored one at Whole Foods this weekend.  Haven't tried it yet, I'll let you know how it is -

 speaking of chocolate - Chocolate Shakeology is da!!  Refer back to the vita-mix to get the best shake ever!!!

These are a few of my favorite things..... I have many more, but that is enough for now.  What are your favorite things right now?