Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time to Roll!

I have a guest post today and a few words of my own at the end!  Enjoy!

Strap On your Skates, It’s Time to Roll

A pair of roller skates was something you asked for as a tenth birthday present. You and you’re friends whizzed down the steepest local sidewalks then stored your skates in the garage to collect dust until your parents had that yard sale the summer before you went to college. Right?

No way! Roller-skating is relevant for adults too. So dust off the skates (if they were not snatched up at that yard sale and still happen to fit) and strap your feet in or grab a pair here. It is an awesome work out and provides a break from the monotony that can be your gym routine.

Before you say “yeah right,” keep reading. You will not be the only once gliding around with a helmet and elbow pads. (Safety first!) Many cities already have established roller skating areas, and they are not the kind you remember from birthday parties when the lights dim down and you awkwardly look around for a couples-skate song partner.

New York for example has several designated areas in parks around the city. Skate along a trail in Central Park or Hudson River Park. Skaters in Brooklyn can roll through Prospect Park, which has a loop for beginners and a loop for more experienced skaters. Los Angeles also has several outdoor areas that allow roller-skating. Try South Bay Bike Trail to take a nice Oceanside journey. The stretch is quite long so go for as long as you’d like but remember, you still have to turn around and skate back!

Search around to find parks in your local neighborhood. In general, paved bike paths are a good option and typically allow roller-skating, and parks provide a scenic view.

It has been a LONG time since I've been on roller skates.   Chase had a birthday party when he was 7 or 8.  That was the LAST time I skated.  Of course, the kids still thought I was cool then!  I looked for a photo, I know I have one, but didn't find it quick enough.  If I do find it, I'll be sure to share it. Short, permed hair, red and white striped shirt and red pants.  Yeah!  I was stylin'!!

I do remember going to the skating rink in junior high.  If you were lucky enough to like a guy that could roller skate backwards, then you could be cool during the couples skate.  Of course, the song I associate with the skating rink is Leo Sayer's When I Need You!  Do you remember that one? ~ I'm really showing my age here!  Do you remember doing the Hokey Pokey or the Limbo?  I didn't go enough that I had my own skates, you know the cool ones, white with pom-poms on them.  I just wore those ugly brown ones that most of us were wearing!

Now they wear roller blades of course, I haven't tried those - I think I'd need all kinds of padding everywhere!  I'm going to put that on my bucket list - go rollerblading!

I love being able to use play time as a workout - as long as we are getting our heart rate up and moving all is good!  I don't care WHAT you do as long as you DO it!

So tell me, what is your workout du jour?