Friday, March 23, 2012

Bright side, baby!

This week has flown by in a haze for me.  Saturday, Brian started working on the lot we purchased (next door to our house), cutting down trees and working on cleaning up the property somewhat.  He came in feeling a bit under the weather and we just decided it was allergies since he was working on the property.  Sunday, I started feeling yucky too.  Still thought it was probably allergies, but now since I am STILL fighting this crap, I don't think it is allergies....   I have coughed my head off....

We did manage to have our annual St. Patty's day family feast!  The kids all came over on Sunday.  Since Brian and I weren't feeling so great, it was a bit short lived, but we had a great time and the food was good!  I haven't been eating a lot due to my teeth.  They have been SORE! I've been living on shakeology, smoothies, and extremely soft foods.  But, I do think I have finally gotten the hang of eating with this device for now.  I go back in a couple of weeks for more excitement.  I'm sure he will be tightening things and I will get the hardware on my bottom teeth.  OH JOY!  One good thing about it, I've lost weight ;)  Bright side, baby!!!

But, I have been out and about a little in the last couple of days.  Yesterday I went shopping with Robin and Lisha and we had a good time, Robin got a good deal on her new computer and Lisha and I had fun!  No deals for us. - THIS TIME!  Somehow, we only took one photo and I think it could quite possibly qualify as the worst photo of all time....   this one will have to do instead.

We are going to be spending the weekend painting.  Brian's parents are going to be moving into a smaller house and we are going to be working along with Lisa (Brian's sister) painting and getting it ready.  Judy is still in the skilled nursing facility, hoping to get to come home this coming week.

The rain has been non-ending.  I so need the sunshine to come out.  It really does affect how I feel!  Makes me miss my vacation last month......

Saturday night will be a fun night with friends, celebrating Julie's birthday!

So, a lot of things going on, as usual!  I'm exhausted, but managing!

How has your week been?